Contractor computer error mixes up voucher mailing

A major computer glitch by the city’s contractor for garbage and recycling bags has caused a huge mix-up in the names and addresses of bag redemption vouchers that were mailed this week.  Because of the problem, city leaders who oversee the program say customers should redeem the vouchers they receive at their address, even if it’s not the correct name.  WasteZero, which supplies the bags to participating retailers and mails the vouchers for the program, has agreed to fix its list-server and send a follow-up mailing to urge all customers to redeem whatever vouchers they receive from the initial mailing. 

“We sent the correct list for the 18,000 customers who are to receive vouchers for new bags this fall,” said City Collector Tonya Cotton, whose office works with WasteZero on the bag distribution program. “Because this problem is not our customers’ fault either, we are trying to make the solution to the problem as simple as possible, and we’re pleased that WasteZero has agreed to honor all vouchers for redemption.”

Since 2013, the city has contracted with WasteZero on a public-private distribution program for refuse and recycling bags that are provided free of charge to residential customers.  People who receive the vouchers for the bags can redeem them between now and January 31, 2019 at Drug Emporium on Patrick Street or Piggly Wiggly and Drug Emporium in Kanawha City.