Private Outdoor Designated Areas (PODA)

What is a PODA?

In 2023, the West Virginia Legislature enabled cities to create Private Outdoor Designated Areas, or PODAs, through Senate Bill 534.

PODA Locations & Hours

Sale of PODA beverages is permitted only during authorized days and hours; except when alcohol is available as part of a festival located within the PODA. In addition, the City has the authority to suspend the operation of a PODA immediately when in the best interest of public safety by providing notice to all Class S4 permit holders and the WVABCA.

City Center, Elk City, Bridge Road and East End PODAs: Year-round schedule; Monday-Friday from 4P to 10P;  Saturday-Sunday from 10A to 10P

Capitol Market PODA: Year-round schedule; Seven days a week from 10A-7P.

PODA-Licensed Establishments

(updated 05/16/2024)

City Center PODA Establishments

  • Adelphia Sports Bar and Grill
  • Black Sheep Burrito and Brews
  • Dem 2 Brothers and a Grill
  • Fife Street Brewing
  • Hale House
  • Hale Street Center
  • Pies and Pints
  • Sam's Uptown Café
  • Short Story
  • Vino's Bar and Grill
  • Whiskey Glasses

Bridge Road PODA Establishments

  • 1010 Bridge
  • Fernbank
  • Lola’s Pizza

East End PODA Establishments

  • Red Carpet Lounge
  • Tricky Fish


  • Green Decal - Indicates a retail or service establishment permits PODA beverages to enter. 

     Green Decal - Beverages Welcome

  • Black Decal - Indicates an establishment designated to serve PODA beverages.

      Black Decal - PODA Beverages Sold Here

  • Red Decal - Indicates no PODA beverages are permitted on the establishment’s premises. 

     Red Decal - No Beverages Please

  • No Decal - Indicates no PODA beverages are permitted / not a participating PODA business.

As you enter and exit the PODA, you will encounter welcome and thank you for visiting signs. Please responsibly dispose of your beverage before exiting.




Do other communities have a PODA? Huntington established the first PODA in West Virginia. While PODA is a relatively new concept in West Virginia, Designated Outdoor Refreshment Areas or DORA’s have existed in Ohio for several years. DORA was established in Ohio in April 2015 [by Section 4301.82 of the O.R.C.] which allows patrons over the age of 21 to purchase alcoholic beverages from a permitted establishment and carry them within a clearly defined area within the city.

What are the benefits of having a PODA in Charleston? Having a PODA or PODA’s has the potential to: 1.) Increase visitors to restaurants and bars; 2.) Increase the time visitors spend in the area; 3.) Increase retail sales; and 4.) Adds to the unique visitor experience.

I am a business with a location in one of Charleston's PODA's, where do I find more information? You can visit the Capital City Sip-N-Stroll business page or email for more information.

Can I carry my PODA beverage/cup from one PODA to another?  No. You cannot carry a beverage/cup between PODA’s. A beverage/cup must be disposed of at the boundaries of the PODA in which it was purchased.

How will I know the PODA boundaries?  PODA boundaries are marked with signs. Please obey pedestrian laws. PODA beverages must stay within PODA boundaries. Leaving the PODA with an alcoholic beverage is a violation of applicable open container laws.

Can I take my PODA beverages anywhere in the PODA? PODA beverages in an approved PODA cup may be taken into businesses that display the official green “Capital City Sip-N-Stroll Beverages Welcome” decal in their window. PODA cups/beverages must be disposed of before exiting the PODA and/or entering a business that displays the official red “Capital City Sip-N-Stroll Please, No Beverages” or no official PODA signage

Can I use my own cup in the PODA?  No. Beverages must be in an approved PODA cup purchased from a licensed, participating PODA establishment.

Can I bring my own alcohol in the PODA? No. Beverages must be purchased from a licensed, participating PODA establishment in an approved PODA cup.

For Assistance / More Information

Capital City Sip-N-Stroll (PODA) Businesses

Capital City Sip-N-Stroll (PODA Districts)

The City of Charleston is excited to welcome you to Charleston’s PODA, also known as the Capital City Sip-N-Stroll.

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