(Charleston, W. Va.) – The City of Charleston Parks and Recreation Department in partnership with Legendary Lifeguards is providing eligible lifeguard candidates the opportunity to be certified for free so long as they are at least 15 years of age, apply to work at one of the City’s pools, and pass the Lifeguard Water Skill Evaluation. Applications are also being accepted for seasonal jobs within the Parks and Recreation Department including concession workers, pool managers, and laborers.  

“We are thrilled to again partner with Legendary Lifeguards to make getting a lifeguard job at our city pools more accessible to our young people by reducing the financial burden on families,” said Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin. “Whether it’s providing jobs so our young people can gain valuable work experience, creating accessible recreational spaces for our kids to play, or fostering a supportive environment where our teens can reach their full potential – providing opportunities for our youngest Charlestonians will always be one of my top priorities.”

“As we gear up for pool season, we always look forward to seeing our returning lifeguards as well as employing new lifeguards,” said Rashaun Poore, Director of Parks and Recreation. “Last season we were able to open all four swimming pools, which is a testament to the very successful partnership we have with Legendary Lifeguards to help provide free lifeguard certifications. The free certifications not only help us to staff the pools, but they are also an incentive for kids to try something new that they may never have been able to try.”

To qualify for the free lifeguard certification interested [lifeguard] candidates must first complete the online lifeguard application to work at one of the City’s pools. Upon receipt of the application, the applicant will be provided with the Lifeguard Water Skill Evaluation schedule.  Upon successful completion of the Lifeguard Water Skill Evaluation, the applicant will be provided a three-day Lifeguard Certification schedule. These certification classes will be provided to the applicant at no cost through the partnership with Legendary Lifeguards. 

Seasonal jobs within the Parks and Recreational Department – including lifeguards, laborers, concession workers, and pool managers—are posted on the City of Charleston website under Current Job Listings. Youth needing assistance completing an application can call the Parks and Recreation Department at 304.348.6860 or stop by one of the community centers during regular operating hours.