Parks and Recreation Fishing Rodeo | Nov. 2-5, 11, 12

North Charleston Community Center

2009 7th Ave Charleston, WV 25387

Phone:  304-348-6884


Nov. 2 and 3 from 3pm-7pm

Nov. 4 from 9am-5pm

Nov. 5 from 9am-5pm (Seniors and Special Needs)

If you like to fish, then the North Charleston Community Center Pool is the place to be!  We are filling our pool with 200 pounds of trout.  Youth, ages 6 – 16, are invited to fish.  Limit 3 per person daily. Bring your own pole.


Cato Park Swimming Pool

20000 Baker Lane Charleston, WV 25302

Phone:  304-348-6860


Nov. 11 from 8am-5pm

Nov. 12 from 10am-4pm

***Fishing ONLY for children under the age of 16. ***
Poles will be onsite, but limited to first come– first served. You are encouraged to bring your own! Don’t forget to bring a cooler or box for your fish.  3 fish per person, per day.

November 11th, in honor of those who have served, we invite our beloved Veterans to fish for free.
Limited to 3 fish per person.
Must show valid ID.