Discarded Needle Pick-Up

Following the distribution of more than 650,000 free needles by the Kanawha Charleston Health Department over the past two-plus years, a group of people with a community organization have announced plans to have people pick up discarded needles in Charleston tomorrow morning. After consulting with the current and future Chiefs of the Charleston Fire Department, the President of CPFFA Local 317, and the City’s Emergency Services Director, Mayor Danny Jones issued the following statement:

“The needles that have inundated our city are extremely dangerous, pose a serious potential health risk and are considered a bio-hazard under OSHA protocols, which recommend that anyone and everyone who handles such needles have extensive safety training and be equipped with the proper protective clothing and gear. After talking with our Fire Department leadership, the Emergency Services Director and the head of the local firefighters union, we all recommend against this proposed needle pickup program for everyone who is not properly trained or equipped to deal with potentially deadly hazardous wastes.”