Current Bids

Bid Title Bid Specs/ Documents Addendum Published On Closing Date
2024-06 Asbestos Testing 2024-06 Asbestos Testing Bid Packet.pdf2.2 MB
2024-07 Asbestos Removal 2024-07 Asbestos Removal Bid Packet.pdf2.17 MB
2024-05 Demolition for Charleston Building Commission 2024-05 Demolition Bid Packet.pdf2.17 MB
2024-09 Pile and Lagging Wall Project Bid Packet 2024-09 Pile and Lagging Wall Bid Packet.pdf5.73 MB
EOI- USDOT Safe Streets and Roads for All EOI - Consulting Services- Safe Streets for All Grant.pdf314.32 KB
2024-15 Cemetery Grounds Services 2024-15 Cemetery Grounds Services Bid Packet.pdf3.14 MB