Local leaders applaud swift response to a request made to the PSC, local utility companies

The Kanawha County Commission and Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin would like to applaud the swift response by Chairperson Charlotte Lane, Commissioner Brooks McCabe, Jr., and Commissioner Renee Larrick and the Public Service Commission during the COVID-19 crisis. On March 20, the Kanawha County Commission and Mayor Goodwin jointly sent a letterrequesting that the Public Service Commission “issue an order to all utilitycompanies to plan, prepare, and pre-stage resources just as they would for amajor weather event”. The attached response was received from ChairpersonLane yesterday evening, detailing a teleconference meeting she and the PSC commissioners had with leaders from all the major utility companies.

Commission President Carper said, “We applaud the leadership ofChairperson Lane and her swift action to advise our utility companies to prepare for the severity of a mass outage during this unprecedented health crisis. What used to be considered an inconvenience, could now be considered a matter of life and death. Thank you to our utility companies for rising to the occasion.”

Commissioner Salango said, “We want to ensure that our healthcareprofessionals, first responders, and citizens are safe during these unknown times. We have thousands of students depending on technology for their education, and we must make sure they are provided with the means to do so. We included our telecommunications companies in this request because right now, the internet is not only a line of communication but a lifeline.”

"We thank Chairperson Charlotte Lane and the PSC for taking proactive measures to make sure our utility companies are prepared in case of inclement weather," said Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin. "In this time of uncertainty, it is a comfort to know that we have contingency plans in place for such an event."