(Charleston, W. Va.) – Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin and Finance Director Andy Wood presented the proposed FY 2025 budget to the Charleston City Council Finance Committee.  

“We have invested an incredible amount of time and energy into better understanding the path we need to take to secure a better future for our city. These steps have afforded us the opportunity to not only have long-term financial clarity but also begin making significant investments in the City’s future – investments in our people, places, and spaces; and the way we operate,” said Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin.  “The proposed budget highlights many of the priorities we have for the upcoming year – starting with our City employees.”  

The Administration’s proposed FY 2025 Budget:

  • Maintains all critical City services and operations. 
  • Does not include any new taxes or fees or increases to taxes or fees.
  • Continues plan to achieve a $15/hour starting wage.
  • Includes an across-the-board pay raise for all employees – including police and fire.
  • Includes incentives for uniformed employees (police and fire) to encourage participation in special team assignments that require increased training and certifications.
  • Streamlines property code enforcement through a new Development Services Department which integrates the existing Building and Planning Departments. 
  • Creates the Turf Maintenance Fund to accumulate resources for the eventual replacement of the significant investments that have been made in the city’s athletic fields. 
  • Recognizes over $2M benefit of pension funding change.
  • Maintains funding for paving and building demolitions.

Charleston City Council will vote on the proposed FY 2025 budget during the City Council meeting on March 18, 2024.