City of Charleston to purchase two new firetrucks using NASPO contract

The City of Charleston will purchase two new Arrow XT Pumper fire trucks from Pierce Manufacturing for the Charleston Fire Department. These trucks will be procured through a partnership with the West Virginia Purchasing Division using a National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) contract.

“One of my top priorities as City Manager has been to streamline the City’s purchasing processes,” said City Manager Jonathan Storage. “When I found out that 13 states participated in a competitively bid fire truck purchase contract, I wanted in on the deal! So, when I discovered that the opportunity for the City of Charleston to be a signatory to the NASPO contract existed, I worked directly with the leadership at the Purchasing Division to make this happen. With this agreement in place, every municipality in West Virginia can take advantage of competitive national pricing for fire trucks.”

Through the NASPO contract, the City of Charleston will benefit from competitive fire truck pricing competitively bid at the national level and will contract directly with the manufacturer without having to seek additional competitive bids at the local level. This opportunity was made available through the Purchasing Division’s continuing efforts to work with counties and municipalities to provide cost savings where possible.

“We are pleased to participate in this national cooperative contract that will allow the City of Charleston and all West Virginia political subdivisions to purchase needed fire trucks,” said Department of Administration Cabinet Secretary Allan McVey. “We were happy to assist and believe this initiative will greatly benefit the state.”

The retail price of each Arrow XT pumper truck, with the needed add-ons, is $716,849.56. With the added discounts from this agreement, the price is reduced to $645,284.00 per truck. This is about a 10% discount per truck – for a total purchase price of just under $1.3 million.

“The two Arrow XT Pumper trucks that are being added to our fleet are the most technologically advanced and safest vehicles that the City of Charleston has ever purchased,” said Chief Rob Sutler.

The new pumper trucks will be located at Station 3 on Oakwood Road and Station 4 on Greenbrier Street. These new trucks will replace nearly 20-year-old pumper trucks as part of the City’s regular lifecycle maintenance process.