Charleston Mayor Danny Jones urges Speaker and House to end state budget stalemate

As state lawmakers return to the Capitol to resume a special legislative session to pass a budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1, the Mayor of Charleston, the capital city and largest city, today urged the House of Delegates’ leadership to put governing the state ahead of “narrow, twisted ideology.” The Mayor’s comments follow:

“Today the West Virginia Legislature goes in special session to deal with the budget – again. The Governor and the State Senate have agreed on a budget, but the House of Delegates is stuck.

“Since I have been Mayor of Charleston, the leader of the House of Delegates, Speaker Tim Armstead, has opposed us on every good project and proposal we have dealt with to invest in our city and to make West Virginia’s capital city a more vibrant and attractive place to live, visit and work. The list includes building the ballpark, introducing Home Rule, use of the hotel motel tax, funding for our civic center, fixing our own uniform pensions, and more. Now, because of no state budget, any opportunity we have of getting state roads paved in the city becomes nil.

“This is the Speaker from the ‘Land of No’ – no plan, no budget, no progress, no nothing. He demanded to be included in the Governor’s meetings on the budget, but once there he was little more than an errand runner to and from his caucus. If the Speaker cannot provide leadership toward a workable budget solution, we will share the facts and the House roll call votes with everyone who contacts our office to complain about a state road or bridge in Charleston that continues to deteriorate.

“As citizens of the state of West Virginia, we should demand accountability. The Speaker has never been of fan of putting the needs of citizens or communities ahead of his narrow, twisted ideology, unless of course, the flood waters reach the basement of his home.”